The Bristol United Guild is a new, not-for-profit Community Interest Company

Set out to address a stubborn blind spot for both commercial planners and City policy makers: the independent and freelance creative community.

We believe the COVID19 pandemic has catalysed an issue a long time in the making.

As a result, the bridge between the independent arts and music culture that Bristol is internationally known for, and the next generation of independent artists, performers, musicians, producers, designers, technicians, and venue operators – especially from our most deprived districts – could be cut; resulting in a lost generation of talent and vocation.

BUG will now work collectively to build frameworks of support, and to develop a whole new civic ecosystem whereby the freelance/independent arts community is given not only recognition for the value it brings to this City and its communities, but is also offered the access and investment to forward a multiplicity of paths that it deserves.

Underpinned by the UK’s first city-wide “Business Improvement District” five-year plan to address this blind-spot, BUG will act as an alliance of freelance/independent creatives working in unity to maximise opportunities of space, place, materials, education and investment – with a permanent and shared imperative to support the next generation of freelance/independent Bristol artists and creatives.

If you would like to know more about the BUG project, or are interested in joining the Guild, please contact us.

Read our Statement of Support.


BUG is a registered Community Interest Company no: 13332270